Creating your life isn’t quite like winning the lottery. It’s better.

When the Calm Meets the Storm

The times I was scared. The times when my phone’s data wouldn’t work and I had no idea where I was. The times when I have to rely on the kindness of strangers for my livelihood. When the calm meets the storm.

It Will Be Months

It will be months until I sleep in this bed again with the warm blankets and the silk pillowcases. It will be months that I get to hug my family and see my friends. It will be months without singing old songs at the kitchen table with my grandma and grandpa. It will be monthsContinue reading “It Will Be Months”


Lloro. Lloro porque la vida me da mil vueltas y yo ni quiero una. Lloro porque trato lo más que pueda ser una buena persona. Pero conozco a tanta gente, y no todos son buenos. Lloro. Lloro a lo bueno. Lloro a los atardeceres, en los momentos especiales, en lugares lindos. Esa vida nunca meContinue reading “Lloro”

A Month In Mexico

I made a joke to my friend this morning that I am becoming a little more reckless with my travels. Today my flight left at noon, and I didn’t buy my accommodation for tonight until around 1 AM. At that same time, I decided I was going to save myself some money and take anContinue reading “A Month In Mexico”

Why I decided against going across every Central American land border before 2022

In short: the answer is COVID. COVID regulations, an expensive trip that was going to be shorter than it would be worth it, and a very strict border. As an American, I realize that a “strict” border is a normal border to everyone else. I’m not blind to that, and that’s why I am alwaysContinue reading “Why I decided against going across every Central American land border before 2022”

When Things Go Wrong

It’s often said that social media is a highlight reel of someone’s life. While I agree, I wish to leave that ideal world on social media and describe the good, bad, and ugly of my travels on this blog. There are many times that when I am traveling that things don’t go as planned. IContinue reading “When Things Go Wrong”


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