A Day in Oaxaca de Juarez, México

I open my eyes to hugs and laughs. I open Telegram and reply to everyone who had a busy night in Asia while I was sound asleep. I’m brought coffee in bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair. I grab my book or my journal and make my way to the terrace. My electronics are downstairs.

The only thing I feel is peace and gratitude. It’s the same feeling as watching a sunset. It’s bliss. It’s the feeling of being more than content with where the universe takes you. For a few minutes, I am in peace, reading, and grateful.

Everyone has left for the day. I come downstairs to work. I take intervals of playing with the kittens. Sometimes they work with me.

I pull the laundry off the line, cook my own body in the sun like my long, white dress swaying in the wind. I make lunch and wash the dishes. I join meetings and when it’s 7 or 8 PM, we’re hoping in the car or on the motorcycle to go to dinner.

Sometimes we both get early enough breaks to go to a “mirador”, or a viewpoint, to watch the sunset over the mountains. The colors are pink and purple, and the sun falls asleep ever so slightly behind the mountains. On the days we end up in the small city’s center, I know that I’ve got the best guide in town and that the food is certain to be delicious. We enjoy our food, share our days with each other, and laugh together every day. We share two sweet cocktails in a fancy bar, where the workers are friends. Finally, we ride home. Haven talked about our days, we turn on rock music and sing together. We get home, brush our teeth, and take a shower. Our night is accompanied by kitten cuddles and we’re off to sleep. 

The simple life has allowed me to fall in love with living again.


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